What size hole can a skunk fit through

Skunks are one of the most feared creatures, simply because they can spray you with the worst odor you will ever smell in your whole life! There are only a few things that can get rid of skunks, and one of them is fences. So, you go on your merry way to build one, and yet, you always find a skunk on your lawn! Why is that?

Skunk Information
Striped skunks are one of the most common species of skunks, and they can be found practically anywhere in the United States. These creatures have small and stumpy legs, and a short, pointed snout. Skunks have black eyes and small heads, and they will have their signature white stripe running along their backs up to their long and pillow-like tails. The size of a skunk is usually around 50 to 80 cm long, and they weigh around 3 kg.

Interestingly, skunks can easily fit into holes with a minimum diameter of around 4 inches. And we’re talking about adult skunks, full-grown ones, not babies! While it is hard to believe given their size, skunks can fit through small holes because most of what we see is fur. Their fur is very fluffy and stands somewhat upright, so it appears that they are bigger than they really are. Furthermore, their fur is soft, and it acts as a lubricant that helps them fit through small holes easier.

This talent allows them to get into tight places where they know there will be food, so don’t underestimate them, and be sure to check every hole in your property. You never know where they’re hiding!

Skunk Holes
Skunks are naturally burrowing animals, and with other wildlife creatures like raccoons and opossums liking to dig as well, it’s kind of hard to tell when it’s a skunk around your property. Usually, it is better to wait for professionals to assess your property so that you can be sure what kind of problem you are dealing with. However, there are a few tips that we can share for you to recognize if it is a skunk hole or not.

When you see that there are a lot of holes, and they are small and shallow, then they’re probably skunk holes. These holes will be cone-shaped, around 3 inches deep, and will have a diameter of 3 to 5 inches. These kinds of holes are made by skunks when they are searching for food in the earth. They like eating earthworms and grubs in your lawn and garden, and they will dig into it to find them.

I’ve Built a Short Fence...Should I Be Worried?
There is no need to worry about skunks climbing over a fence, as they’re not really skilled climbers. This should also ease your worry about them getting into your chimneys. However, skunks like digging, and they might take shelter under your porch or deck, or in your sheds. Skunks have very sharp claws that can make digging very easy for them, and they can dig as deep as a foot or two. This is why you have to regularly check your property, and look out for small holes that are around 10 to 30 cm in diameter, especially if they are in places that are dark and cozy or any of the places that we have mentioned above.

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